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Qatar received first AH-64E Apache Guardian helicopter.

| 2019

Qatar has received the first of 24 AH-64E Apache Guardian helicopters, during a ceremony at the manufacturer’s production facility in Mesa.

Qatar received AH 64E Apache Gardian helicopter AH-64E Apache Guardian (Picture source: US Air Force)

According to Scramble Magazine, In July 2014, the Qatari government signed an agreement for the acquisition of 24 AH-64Es with associated equipment and training for 70 pilots and 100 ground crewmembers. The $667 million contract was signed in July 2016 and Qatar took an option for the delivery of an additional 24 attack helicopters. This option is not capitalized yet.

The AH-64E attack helicopter is the latest version of the AH-64, used by the US Army. It is also known as Apache Guardian. This gunship comes with new sensors, avionics and has improved night operation capabilities. Furthermore, the AH-64E helicopter can control a couple of UAVs.

The AH-64 Apache is the world’s most advanced multi-role combat helicopter and is used by the U.S. Army and a growing number of international defense forces.

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