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Poland to increase and improve its fleet of helicopters.

| 2019

Poland has decided, on the one hand, to modernise its fleet of Mil Mi-24 attack helicopters, and on the other hand, to acquire four new Black Hawk helicopters for its special forces.

Poland to increase and improve its fleet of helicopters Mi-24 helicopter at Army in Russia (Picture source : Air Recognition)

Poland is indeed to improve its Mi-24 aircraft, which represent 30 units across its forces (aged from 27 to 37 years), increasing its lifetime. Yet, this modernisation is expected to remain limited, due to the Polish projects intending to replace these helicopters by brand new ones.

Polish MoD has also planned to acquire four new Polish-made Black Hawk helicopters for its special forces, produced by Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze Mielec (Polish aircraft manufacturer, subsidiary of Lockheed Martin).

These projects are to increase the air capacity of the Polish armed forces, to support the units operating on the ground, making it easier and safer for them to accomplish their missions all around the globe.

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