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Kongsberg awarded JSM Joint Strike Missile contract with Japan.

| 2019

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG) has entered into contract with Japan to supply the initial deliveries of JSM (Joint Strike Missile) for their fleet of F-35 fighter aircraft. The JSM development started in 2008 and was completed in mid-2018 after a series of successful validation test firings.

Kongsberg awarded JSM Joint Strike Missile contract with Japan A model of the JSM Joint Strike Missile (Picture source: Air Recognition)

"This is an important international breakthrough which demonstrates the importance of cooperation between Norwegian authorities, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and Norwegian industry", says CEO of KONGSBERG Geir Håøy.

The JSM is the only long-range sea- and land-target missile that can be carried internally in the F-35 and thus ensuring the aircraft's low-signature (stealth) capabilities. JSM is a new missile that will expand the overall capabilities of the F-35. No other weapon on the market today, can perform the same types of missions.

The Joint Strike Missile incorporates advanced composite materials and employs low-signature / stealth technology, thus offering a low radar signature. It offers superior flexibility in target engagement planning.

The missile system is equipped with air intakes, wings and tail fins. It has a length of 4m and a weight of 400kg. The front section of the JSM incorporates an imaging target seeker to discriminate between land and non-targets. The middle section is equipped with fuel tank and a 125kg HE fragmentation warhead. The high-mobility JSM system is fitted with an accurate navigation system to support flight close to terrain. An advanced engagement planning system is installed to accurately engage targets using geographical information in the area.

The missile offers stand-off launch capability for detection of land or sea-based targets. It also provides sea control/sea denial over a wide area of operations. The weapon system is also capable of providing naval fire support and strike missions at long distances.

The Joint Strike Missile system is equipped with a data link, which is compatible with Link 16 network and standard military equipment. The two-way networking data link allows the missile to exchange tactical data with aircraft after launch. It also ensures operators to perform target update, re-targeting, mission abort and bomb hit indication (BHI) during flight.

"The international F-35 user consortium is showing great interest in the JSM and KONGSBERG is very proud to have been selected by Japan to provide the JSM for their F-35 fleet. This is a major milestone for the JSM program, entering into the production phase", says Eirik Lie, President, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS.

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