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Kaman announces the development of next generation K-Max.

| 2019

Kaman Aerospace Group (USA) has announced that the new version of its K-Max system would soon be developed. This helicopter drone will be designed to be hosted or operated remotely. The production of the device should be started in 2020.

Kaman announces the development of the next generation of K Max K-Max (Picture source: United States Marine Corps)

With the new version of K-Max, Kaman intends to develop a dual technology capable of meeting civilian and military needs. Kaman Aerospace exchanges with the US Marine Corps to best meet the needs of the armed forces. The industrialist already collaborated with this army corps. The K-Max has been used in Afghanistan, for example, where it has delivered more than 2 million kilos of equipment. The current aircraft is able to lift a payload of over 2,700 kilos, which is more than the helicopter's empty weight.

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