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Dubai Airshow 2019: SteelRock Technologies shows expanded NightFighter C-UAV family.

| 2019

At Dubai Airshow this year SteelRock Technologies is showcasing the expanded NightFighter family of Counter-UAV effector systems, alongside the highly modular ODIN counter-drone platform.

Dubai Airshow 2019 SteelRock Technologies shows expanded NightFighter C UAV family NightFighter (Picture source: SteelRock)

Already deployed with Tier 1 security services in multiple jurisdictions, NightFighter mitigates all modes of intrusion by rotary and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles. Extensively tested for safe deployment in complex radio frequency (RF) environments, the man-portable system combines highly directional RFcommunicationsinhibition technology with advanced proprietary software and hardware to bring drone threats to ground rapidly and safely.

Meeting the highest military EMC, environmental and safety standards and capable of deployment in seconds, the ruggedised system features a handheld effector and sighting device, linked to a light, compact backpack containing electronics controlled via a tablet and intuitive visual interface.NightFighter is now offered in a choice of modular, readily customised configurations to suit a wide range of military, civilian and commercial security applications.

NightFighter L(high antenna gain) and NightFighter S(low gain) variants have been demonstrated to be effective against UAVs at ranges in excess of 5km and 2.5kmrespectively.SteelRock Technologies confirms that the NightFighter S system has recently attained electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental certification to UK Defence Standards. Using the same antenna array system as the NightFighter L and S, NightFighter X offers highly directional effector performance against a broad range of commercial off the shelf drones in a light-weight, one-piece form factor. Underlining the system’s highly modular architecture, NightFighter Ois an all-in-one body-worn solution that provides a 100m radius omni-directional personal protection ‘bubble’ against drone threats. It can also be attached to the NightFighter antenna array for directional deployment.SteelRock offers the same field-proven RF technology packaged in an OEM module for third party integration instaticland-based, hand-carried, vehicle mounted and maritime C-UAV systems.

ODIN is a fully integrated Counter-UAV platform that fuses real-time information from multiple sources –including radar, passive RF detection, optical and thermal imaging camera sensors –to yield a comprehensive signature of potential UAV threats. Aerial vehicles are accurately tracked by ODIN’s ruggedised PTZ camera platform, allowing anoperator to neutralise target dronessafely and rapidly using SteelRock Technologies’ advanced RF communications inhibition technology. Designed as a totally modular platform, ODIN can be integrated with a wide range of third-party radar, optical and RF-based detection systems to deliver a total Detect-Identify-Track-Effect C-UAV capability.

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