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China likely to export its J-10C fighter jets to Bangladesh and Laos.

| 2019

China is likely to export its J-10C aircraft to Pakistan, as we already know, but two countries - Bangladesh and Laos - could acquire it before Pakistan. Both have indeed shown interest in the latest version of the J-10 fighters and both could sign before the Pakistani government.

China likely to export its J 10C fighter jets to Bangladesh and Laos J-10 fighter jet at Zhuhai Airshow 2016 in China (Picture source : Air Recognition)

Pakistan has already shown its interest in the purchase of the latest J-10C aircraft, being the first country to manifest its interest in the acquisition of an exported version of this aircraft. Nevertheless, Pakistan has not yet decided to sign any official contract with China.

Two countries could pass Pakistan on the purchase of these jets. Laos and Bangladesh are indeed said to be interested in such an acquisition, building up a sole international market for these Chinese fighter aircraft. If both countries ended to sign contracts for the acquisition of the J-10C, it would mean an export of an expected maximum of 24 aircraft (2 squadrons) for each of them. This information, if confirmed by both governments, may increase the interest of other countries for this product, leading to new international orders for China.

As far as it concerns Laos, the Royal Lao Air Force remains outdated, mainly using MiG-21 fighters, F-16 fighters and also JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets. Therefore, in order to reduce the gap between its forces and the Vietnamese and Thai ones. Regarding Bangladesh, to counter the 36 recently purchased Rafale  fighters from India (expected to be deployed at the India's borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh), the country is in need of such 4th-generation aircraft (with equal performance to the Rafale).

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