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BAE Systems wins US Navy contract for laser-guided rockets.

| 2019

The American Navy has signed a $2.68 billion IDIQ contract for thousands of combat-proven, low-cost APKWS Laser-Guided Rockets manufactured by BAE Systems.

BAE Systems wins US Navy contract for laser guided rockets Artist Impression of a naval helicopter firing an APKWS laser-guided rocket (Picture source: BAE Systems)

A naval helicopter fires an APKWS laser-guided rocket across an expanse of water at a speeding boat in the distance. The Navy has signed a $2.68 billion IDIQ contract for thousands of combat-proven, low-cost APKWS Laser-Guided Rockets.

Following a U.S. Department of Defense announcement in September 2019, BAE Systems announced that the U.S. Navy has signed a $2.68 billion indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the purchase of thousands of additional APKWS Laser-Guided Rockets, the company's combat-proven, low-cost precision munition. The contract demonstrates the continuing demand for precision strike capabilities that empower and protect warfighters while reducing collateral damage.

"Our armed forces customers are looking to apply just the right amount of force at the right location to execute their missions without unnecessary damage," said Marc Casseres, director of Precision Guidance and Sensing Solutions at BAE Systems. "APKWS rockets provide warfighters with the unique ability to precisely engage targets without excessive force, reducing the risk to nearby forces, civilians, and assets. It’s the driving force behind growing global demand."

APKWS rockets fill the gap between unguided rockets and large precision munitions and are the U.S. government's only program of record for 2.75" laser-guided rockets. APKWS guidance kits are compatible with new inventories of rocket motors, warheads, and launchers, and easily transform unguided rockets into precision munitions with little training.

The indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract enables the Navy to purchase APKWS guidance kits over a five-year period, representing full-rate production lots 8-12. To meet growing demand, BAE Systems has ramped up production at its advanced manufacturing facilities in Hudson, New Hampshire and Austin, Texas and established a robust supply chain.

The APKWS laser-guided rocket is used by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Army, and is available to allied nations via Foreign Military Sales.

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