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US oks $750 mn FMS from Saudi Arabia for RSAF training services.

| 2017
World Defense & Security News - Saudi Arabia
US oks $750 mn FMS from Saudi Arabia for RSAF training services
The US State Department has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a blanket order training program for the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) and other Saudi forces for an estimated cost of $750 million, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced on June 5.
A RSAF F-15SA fighter jet
(Credit: Boeing Defense)

The Government of Saudi Arabia requested a possible sale of continued blanket order training program inside and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that includes, but is not limited to, flight training, technical training, professional military education, specialized training, mobile training teams (MTTs), and English language training. These blanket order training cases cover all relevant types of training offered by or contracted through the U.S. Air Force or Department of Defense (DoD) Agencies, to include participation in CONUS DOD-sponsored education, as well as MTTs that will travel to Saudi Arabia. Program management, trainers, simulators, travel, billeting, and medical support may also be included. The estimated program cost is $750 million.

According the DSCA, this training for the RSAF and other Saudi forces will include such subjects as civilian casualty avoidance, the law of armed conflict, human rights command and control, and targeting via MTTs and/or broader Programs of Instruction (POIs).

"This training would support the United States’ continued commitment to Saudi Arabia’s security and strengthen the U.S.-Saudi Arabia strategic partnership. Assisting the RSAF supports Saudi Arabia in deterring hostile actions and increases U.S.-Saudi Arabia military interoperability. It also helps their ability to work with coalition partners during training, exercises, and operations. Saudi Arabia will have no difficulty absorbing this training and support," the DSCA added.



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