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UAC to set up new military transport aircraft division.

| 2017
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UAC to set up new military transport aircraft division
Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is setting up a transport aircraft division that will manage military transport plane development programs, the corporation’s press office said. In particular, the new division will manage the development of the Ilyushin Il-76 heavy and Il-112 light military airlifters and medium and super-heavy transport aircraft.
UAC to set up new military transport aircraft division 640 001Il-76MD-90A military airlifter assembly line at Aviastar-SP plant
(Credit: Ilyushin)
"In this context, the corporation’s subsidiaries, in particular, the Voronezh Aircraft Plant [VASO], the Aviastar-SP Plant, the UAC-Transport Aircraft Company, the Myasishchev Experimental Machine-Building Plant and a number of repair plants will be consolidated," the press office said.

"The development of transport aircraft is a priority strategic area for the United Aircraft Corporation," Corporation President Yuri Slyusar said at a meeting on the future of Russian aircraft, which was held at the Aviastar-SP Plant.

The participants in the meeting chaired by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin discussed the development of the Aviastar-SP Plant and the optimization of the production program to launch the serial production of the Il-76MD-90A transport plane needed by the Armed Forces and commercial users.

The meeting aimed to discuss the development and the production of military transport planes and the necessity to work out a comprehensive aircraft engine development program through 2025.

Aviastar-SP is producing Il-76MD-90A planes for Russia’s Defense Ministry, while carrying out R&D work and testing the Il-76MD-90A plane in line with its serial assembly.

A new production line that will reduce the unit and fuselage assembly time is being set up at the plant for the serial production of the Il-76 plane.
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