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TsAGI completes new Il-276 aerodynamic testing phase.

| 2017
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TsAGI completes new Il-276 aerodynamic testing phase
Russia’s Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) has completed another stage of the tests of the Ilyushin Il-276 medium military transport plane model, the institute’s press office said. The test was carried out in a trans-sonic wind tunnel under a contract signed with the Ilyushin Company, the press office added.
TsAGI completes new Il 276 aerodynamic testing phase 640 001The Il-276 plane model being used for the aerodynamic tests
(Credit: TsAGI)
"This stage was aimed at studying the aerodynamic characteristics of the plane model with a high-lift wing in cruise and takeoff/landing modes. During the tests, the model took off and landed with extended and retracted slats and flaps," the press office said.

"As a result, the institute’s experts measured aerodynamic characteristics during the inclination of high-lift components and control devices," the press office added.

This year, the institute is planning to study the aerodynamic characteristics of the high-lift wing plane’s model in a low-speed wind tunnel, including near a screen simulating the runway surface.

The Il-276 is a medium two-engine military transport plane that will be able to transport a wide range of cargo weighing no more than 20 tons to a distance of 2,000 kilometers (1,243 miles) at a speed of 750-800 km/h (466-497 mph).

The plane is expected to take off from and land onto high-mountain airfields and paved and unpaved runways in all weather and climatic conditions 24 hours a day.
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