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Telespazio to develop new training system for Bundeswehr's CH-53 helicopters.

| 2017
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Telespazio to develop new training system for Bundeswehr's CH-53 helicopters
The German aerospace company Telespazio VEGA Deutschland, a subsidiary of Telespazio (Leonardo/Thales) has been awarded a contract by Airbus Helicopters to develop a Cockpit Procedure Trainer (CPT) for the CH-53GS and CH-53GE Helicopter.
A 3D model of CH-53GA Mockup for CPT
(Credit: Telespazio VEGA Deutschland)
The GS and GE variants of the helicopter, used by the German Air Force, are currently being modernised by Airbus Helicopters to overcome arisen obsolescences. The cockpit modernisations which include the Autopilot, Flight Management, Communication and Display Systems require an adapted training tool to enable the pilots to obtain or hold their type-rating.

The development of the CPT has been kicked off in May 2017 and will be undertaken in parallel to the actual helicopter modernisation. The CPT development is planned to be completed by November 2018 for the GS version and in April 2020 for the GE version.

The delivery of the CPT will benefit from the existing hardware used by the German Air Force: Previously, Telespazio VEGA Deutschland had already developed a CPT for the GA version of the CH-53 helicopter. This CPT has been used by the German Air Force ever since its delivery in 2011. Among others, four replicated cockpits have been installed for training at the Hubschraubergeschwader 64 in Laupheim and Holzdorf, Germany.

The CPT for the GS/GE versions will subsequently be largely based on the experience that the Training Solutions team in Telespazio VEGA Deutschland have gathered over many years. The CPT for the GS/GE versions will be fully compatible with the replicated cockpits, the separate instructor stations and be delivered also for PC based classroom training as well as mobile version for flexible training on Laptops. This combination of training methods has been positively received by the German Armed Forces in the past.

The success of winning the development of the new CPT is another milestone for Telespazio VEGA Deutschland to stay active within the CH-53 product family. It also shows that the offered training features have been well selected for the expressed training needs. Among others, the CPT will include interactive schematics for further in-depth understanding of the helicopter. In addition, the separate instructor station enables the trainer to monitor and influence in real-time the training at any given moment without the need to be in the cockpit, while having a complete overview and control of the cockpit. The CPT enables the instructor also to make use of the generator for threat scenarios and tactical manoeuvres.

A Luftwaffe CH-53 heavy-lift helicopter
(Credit: Luftwaffe/Alexander Klingelhöller)


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