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Russian MoD orders initial batch of Mi-28NM attack helicopters.

| 2017
World Defense & Security News - Russia
Russian MoD orders initial batch of Mi-28NM attack helicopters
The Russian Defense Ministry has signed a contract with Russian Helicopters holding company to build an initial lot of new Mi-28NM helicopters. Under the terms of the contracts the first machines will be built before the end of 2018. This has been announced by the newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda" (Red Star).
Russian MoD signs for initial batch of Mi 28NM attack helicopters 640 001Russian Helicopters' Mi-28NM attack helicopter
(Credit: Dmitriy Serebriakov/TASS)
"The concept of the Mi-28NM significantly differs from the baseline version of Mi-28N. The main difference is in the improved functionality of the machine due to the optimized ergonomics of the cockpit and installation, in the pilot operator cabin, of a standby helicopter control system. Machine has got an a modified fuselage, upgraded engines, onboard avionics, sighting and surveillance system, a new auxiliary power plant, and communications equipment for communicating with unmanned aerial vehicles," the publication quotes Yuri Borisov, Deputy Defense Minister as saying.

Installation of new high-power engines on the Mi-28NM has improved the helicopter’s flight performance. Also, its fuel tanks capacity has been increased compared to the Mi-28N.

The Mi-28NM has acquired a better resistance to combat damages, which was achieved by using the newest materials and innovative design decisions. In particular, the helicopter rotor blades are made from composite materials which, as developers claim, can resist shell hits of up 30 mm caliber.

"The survivability and combat efficiency of the new combat machine have grown significantly," Borisov noted. "The helicopter has got an onboard laser defense system and a new weapon control complex enabling employment of new types of aerials armaments using radar and laser support systems for long-range guidance." He added that plans are made to install on the Mi-28NM an advanced helmet-mounted target designation and tracking system which, together with the above-hub radar, will dramatically increase the efficiency of operation of onboard weapons in all weather conditions.

"We decided that the subsequent contracts for the 28s will be signed with preference to the Mi-28NM model," Borisov concluded.

The creation of the Mi-28NM began in 2009. The upgraded version essentially differs from its prototype. The Mi-28NM onboard radar suite will include an innovative helmet-mounted target designation and indication system. The helicopter has a new N025 radar unit enabling an all-round surveillance. Also, it is fitted with a new electronic warfare system. The machine is designed for search and destruction, by day and night in all weathers, of low speed aerial targets, tanks, armored and unarmored equipment as well as the enemy manpower.
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