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Russian Eastern Military District receives new batch of Mi-8AMTSh choppers.

| 2017
World Aviation Defense & Security News - Russia
Russian Eastern Military District receives new batch of Mi-8AMTSh choppers
Russia’s Eastern Military District has received the first batch of Mil Mi-8AMTSh helicopters in 2017, the district’s press office said on May 30. "The advanced helicopters have arrived for an Eastern Military District army aviation large unit based in the Trans-Baikal Territory [in East Siberia]," the press office said.
A Russian Mi-8AMTSh helicopter
(Credit: Russian MoD)
"The large unit’s technicians accepted the helicopters at the plant and pilots tested them while flying to the home station," the press office added.

The press office did not specify how many helicopters there were in the first batch. The Mi-8AMTSh is based on the Mi-8AMT multipurpose helicopter.

The Mi-8AMTSh has an advanced avionics suite, including a weather radar, satellite navigation and infrared equipment and night-vision goggles.

The helicopter can carry various types of weapons, including missile systems, attached to ejector racks on each side.

The helicopter has a maximum takeoff weight of 13 tons, a maximum speed of 250 km/h (155 mph), a cruising speed of 230 km/h (143 mph), a range of 610 kilometers (379 miles) and a payload of 4 tons.
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