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Russia testing new helmet-mounted targeting sight for the Mi-28NM helicopter.

| 2017
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Russia testing new helmet-mounted targeting sight for the Mi-28NM helicopter
A helmet-mounted targeting and indication system with stereo imaging is undergoing test trials within the onboard equipment of the new Mi-28NM helicopter, a source in the russian defense industry told online publication.
Russian Helicopters' Mi-28NM combat helicopter performing its maiden flight
(Credit: Григорий Ш. /
The system is a binocular with independent channels for both eyes which create a stereo vision effect. The helmet-mounted targeting system provides both technical and optical vision (with transmission ratio of 0.7-0.8).

The source said the Kamov design bureau initially displayed interest in the device to place it on Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopters but "they later lost interest and might have changed the concept."

The helmet-mounted targeting systems are designated to target onboard armaments by a turn of the head of the pilot. The technical image (including the aiming mark) is projected to the display fixed to the pilot's helmet without impeding the vision of the outside situation.

Mi-28NM design began in 2009. The new variant is equipped with new N025 radar which provides for all-round view. It is armed with new radio-electronic warfare system which includes anti-missile laser. The helicopter is designated to search and destroy low-speed air targets, tanks, armored and non-armored hardware and troops round-the-clock and in bad weather conditions. The Mi-28NM made its maiden flight in October 2016.
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