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Russia deploying MiG-29SMT fighter jet for the first time in Syria.

| 2017
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Russia deploying MiG-29SMT fighter jet for the first time in Syria
MiG-29SMT multipurpose fighter jets have joined the Russian airpower deployed at Hmeymim airfield in Syria. The photo of the takeoff of the aircraft from the airbase in Latakia was published by the Russian Defense Ministry and also broadcast by the BBC and the German N24 TV channels.
Russia deploying Mi 29SMT fighter jet for the first time in Syria 640 001A RusAF MiG-29SMT at the Hmeimim Air Base
(Credit: Russian MoD)
According to the published data, at least one MiG-29SMT was deployed at Hmeymim airbase. The aircraft carries a fuel tank of 1500 liters suspended under the fuselage, as well as two unguided high-explosive air bombs FAB-500M-62 suspended under the wings. It is the first record of MiG-29SMT in Syria. It is unclear when and what number of the aircraft was deployed in Latakia.

There are grounds to believe that the Russian military leadership decided to test MiG-29SMT and their pilots in real combat in Syria. Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov earlier said the operation of the Russian airpower against terrorist groupings in Syria helped test over 600 armaments and military hardware, including those which are yet to become operational.

It was reported in February 2009 that Russian army will receive MiG-29SMT which were initially made for Algeria. In 2009-2010 the Russian Air Force received 28 aircraft of the type. In April 2014 the Russian Defense Ministry and the MiG Corporation signed another contract for the supply of 16 multifunctional MiG-29SMT fighter jets. The aircraft of the first batch formed the basis of the Kursk air regiment of the Western Military District while new craft became operational in 2016 in the 116th aviation combat engagement center deployed at Privolshsky airfield in Astrakhan region.
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