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New Mi-171Sh-VN Special Operations helicopter exhibited at MAKS 2017.

| 2017
MAKS 2017
International Aviation and Space Show
18 - 23 July 2017, Zhukovsky, Russia
New Mi-171Sh-VN Special Operations helicopter exhibited at MAKS 2017
The Russian Helicopters holding is exhibiting a new variant of the Mi-171Sh utility helicopter reconfigured for special operations and designated Mi-171Sh-VN. The helicopter was unveiled at the MAKS 2017 airshow at Zhukovsky outside Moscow.
Russian Helicopters' new Mi-171Sh-VN Special Operations helicopter
The Mi-171Sh-VN features combat effectiveness and survivability enhanced over the basic model. "The helicopter`s concept has been developed considering the combat experience including the one got in Syria," the CEO of Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky said. The helicopter will be promoted on the global market under Mi-171Sh designation.

According to the official specifications, the Mi-171Sh-VN has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 13,500 kg, a maximum payload of 4,000 kg, a ferry range of 1,065 km, a service ceiling of 6,000 m, a maximum speed of 280 km/h and a cruise speed of 260 km/h. The aircraft has a crew of three and can transport up to 37 dismounts. The Mi-171Sh-VN is powered by two engines with a power output of 1,900 hp each. It has also received composite main rotor blades and an X-type tail rotor.
And a part of its weapons payload: Ataka guided missiles, UPK-23-250 gun pod with GSh-23 twin-barrel automatic cannons, and OFAB-250 aerial bomb
The Mi-171Sh-VN gunship has received a powerful armament suite. The aircraft exhibited at MAKS 2017 is armed with eight Ataka guided missiles, two UPK-23-250 gun pods with GSh-23 twin-barrel automatic cannons, two S-8 rocket launchers, two OFAB-250 aerial bombs and two upperwing-fixed 12.7 mm Kord heavy machineguns. The helicopter can be also fitted with two more Kords in door mounts. A pinpoint mount for a 7.62 mm PKM medium machinegun is installed in the rear part. The helicopter’s protection has been reinforced with applique spall liner made of kevlar fabric and anti-blast seats for dismounts.

The Mi-171Sh-VN has received two chin-mounted hyrostabilised platforms for optoelectronic systems. The helicopter is equipped with a FLIR system, an infrared searchlight and a glass cockpit suitable for night vision googles.

The Mi-171Sh-VN features pixel camouflage painting scheme that drastically reduces its visual signature.
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