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MAKS 2017: Russian Helicopters to disclose new Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter variant.

| 2017
MAKS 2017
International Aviation and Space Show
18 - 23 July 2017, Zhukovsky, Russia
MAKS 2017: Russian Helicopters to disclose new Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter variant
The Russian Helicopters Holding of Rostec State Corporation will for the first time display the modernized military-transport Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter at the MAKS air show. It is designated for special task forces engaged in anti-terrorist operations, the press service of the holding said.
Russian Helicopters will unveil a variant of the Mi-171Sh helicopter upgraded according to combat engagement experience in Syria
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)
"The Mi-171Sh-VN is an upgrade of the military-transport Mi-8/17 helicopters. The new craft is ready for supplies to potential customers. Its production has been launched by Ulan-Ude Aircraft Works," it said.

Russian Helicopters Director General Andrei Boginsky said the technical concept of Mi-171SH-VN was formed according to combat engagement experience also in Syria.

"The helicopter has a full set of constructive specifics which increase the combat efficiency and tolerance to battle damage," the press service quoted him as saying.

The Mi-171SH-VN helicopter is equipped with powerful engines and has enhanced altitude-climatic characteristics and a new lifting system. The main rotor has composite blades of a new profile and X-shaped steering screw. The novelties increased the cruising and maximum speed of the helicopter to 260 and 280 km/h respectively and the maximum takeoff weight to 13500 kilograms. The helicopter is equipped with a new piloting and navigational system. Combined glass cockpit and reliable analog devices increase tolerance to battle damage. Besides, the helicopter is equipped with the President-S protection system which automatically detects missile launches at the craft, jams the guiding heads and fires dummy heat targets.

To protect the crew the cockpit floor is fully covered with dismountable light Kevlar armor which also protects the right and left side of the helicopter up to the viewing windows. Shock-consuming airborne seats are installed to protect the servicemen in case of a hard landing.

The Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter has a new set of armaments. Along with gun armaments, unguided missiles and various-caliber bombs it is also armed with a set of guided missiles with a target sight system. Two 12.7mm machineguns are installed in the left and right door openings and two bow machine guns of the same caliber are installed on outside suspensions.
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