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Elbit Systems to develop new Panoramic Cockpit Display for the F-35.

| 2017
World Defense & Security Industry News - Elbit Systems
Elbit Systems to develop new Panoramic Cockpit Display for the F-35
Elbit Systems of America, LLC, announced on June 6 that it was awarded a contract by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to develop a cockpit display replacement for the F-35 aircraft. The development contract is for the Technology Refresh 3, Panoramic Cockpit Display Unit. The value of the award was not in a material amount.
A F-35 Lightning II cockpit demonstrator showcased at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 2008
(Credit: US Air Force/Derek Kaufman) 
The award further expands Elbit Systems of America's work on the F-35, which already includes power amplifiers, structures, and sustainment work. In addition, Elbit Systems of America, together with Rockwell Collins, also supplies the F-35 Helmet Mounted Display System, through their joint venture Rockwell Collins ESA Vision Systems (RCEVS). These efforts reinforce Elbit Systems of America's position as a leading provider of advanced cockpit and intelligent pilot interface solutions that help improve pilot situational awareness and mission effectiveness.

"Elbit Systems of America continues to demonstrate that we are a trusted and highly-capable partner for the F-35 program," stated Raanan Horowitz, president and CEO, Elbit Systems of America. "We are committed to ensuring the success of our customer and the pilots who depend on our equipment to accomplish their mission."

Elbit Systems of America and its parent company, Elbit Systems Ltd., incorporate decades of experience in military and commercial avionics design, development and production. The company offers an array of displays to enhance the pilot's situation awareness and mission effectiveness. The company's solutions include a configurable slim design, lightweight displays in a variety of sizes with intuitive user interface and high-definition touch screens; smart displays that provide extensive processing and interfacing capabilities, including embedded digital mapping; high-definition head-up displays with a large field of view and large eye motion box ; Full night vision goggle capabilities; and virtual embedded training capabilities.



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