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ASU's Aeronox NVG Helmet Mount highlighted in Paris.

| 2017
SIAE 2017
International Paris Air Show Show
19 - 25 June 2017, Paris-Le Bourget, France
ASU's Aeronox NVG Helmet Mount highlighted in Paris
At the International Paris Air Show 2017, Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) displayed a new product combination designed for a more rugged, lighter, comfortable mission experience with the new ASU aviation night vision helmet mount and battery pack known as the Aeronox along with the Aspida carbon Paraclete Aviation Life Support helmet with the Kairos Retention Assembly, and ASU white phosphor night vision goggles.
Aeronox NVG Mount at the Paris Air Show 2017
The AERONOX NVG Mount sets the standard in aviation NVG mounting. This lightweight reinforced system provides reliable operation under the toughest conditions. Its modular design is easily repairable which further reduces costs over the products lifetime. Compatible with a variety of both flight and ground style helmets, this mount is second to none.

This combination of the new helmet and mount vastly improves the user experience,” said ASU Senior Business Development Manager Kim Harris.

As a pilot that has flown with night vision goggles for decades, I have experienced first-hand how much the lighter helmet, battery pack and goggle mount can decrease strain on a pilot or crew members wearing the equipment. When flying several missions, every ounce matters. We worked with the manufacturer, Wilcox Industies to make sure the new battery pack and helmet mount were game changers in the industry. The addition of the Paraclete carbon helmet reduces strain even further without sacrificing durability or protection.”



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