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Ukroboronprom discloses homemade Horlytsia UAS.

| 2016
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Ukroboronprom discloses homemade Horlytsia UAS
The Ukraine-based company Ukroboronprom is working on the creation of multifunctional operative and tactical unmanned aircraft system Horlytsia, which flight range produces more than 1,000 km long, the delivery of a new unmanned vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine could start in 2018 providing funding provision, deputy director of Ukroboronprom concern Yuriy Paschenko told Interfax-Ukraine.
Ukroboronprom discloses homemade Horlytsia UAS 640 001Ukroboronprom unveiled the Horlytsia UAS on Monday 29 at Kiev
(Credit: Ukroboronprom)

"Works are being carried out within six months. As of today, the creation of the airframe has been completed. Before the end of 2016, we must complete the creation of the development type, complete all the research and development under the project in 2017, as well as the state tests, resulting in the adoption of the weapons," Paschenko told Interfax-Ukraine during marking the 5th anniversary of Ukroboronprom presentation of new weapons in Kyiv on Monday.

According to Paschenko, on the first stage unmanned aircraft system Horlytsia is created in the version of electronic and optical reconnaissance. At the same time, the modular design of unmanned aircraft system provides the ability to create various modifications on the basis of the platform: the equipment can be set on unmanned aircraft system to perform electronic warfare tasks and defeat enemy targets, he said.

Asked whether the current budget underfunding of defense of the state needs affects project works, the deputy director of Ukroboronprom answered in the affirmative. "Government funding of the program is still not open, all the works on its own initiative to the current date are funded by the developer - State Enterprise Antonov," he said.

"Our proposals for the inclusion of the project in the state defense order for 2017 have already been transferred to the customer. The rate of work on the creation of new unmanned aircraft system modifications will also depend on the customer," Paschenko said.

The principal developer of the project is the State Enterprise Antonov. Seven leading enterprises of defense-industrial sector of Ukraine are involved in the project cooperation, including state design bureau Luch and state-run enterprise Ivchenko-Progress, he said.

Operative and tactical unmanned aircraft system Horlytsia is intended for usage in the mechanized armored brigades (battalions), batteries (divisions) of missile troops and artillery, as well as squadrons (crews units) of Army Aviation Ground Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Tactical operating radius of unmanned aircraft system is 80 km, the practical flight range-1,050 km, duration of aerial reconnaissance - at least 7 hours. Cruising flight speed -150-180 km per hour, the maximum takeoff weight of unmanned aircraft system - 200 kg, maximum payload weight - 50 kg.

(Source: Interfax-Ukraine)



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