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Second Version of FC-31 Gyrfalcon Fifth-Generation Fighter Spotted during Maiden Flight in China.

| 2016
Air Force News - China
Second Version of FC-31 Gyrfalcon Fifth-Generation Fighter Spotted during Maiden Flight in China
Based on Chinese spotters pictures, the second version of the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) FC-31 'Gyrfalcon' twin-engine, fifth-generation fighter conducted its first flighttoday in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The FC-31 first prototype made its first flight on Oct. 2012, and its first public appearance during the Zhuhai Air Show in Nov. 2014. This second version features several design improvements such as swept-back vertical stabilizers.
Second Version of FC 31 GyrfalconFirst flight of the second variant of the Shenyang FC-31 fifth-generation export fighter
Manufactured by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, part of AVIC, is a twin-engine, mid-size fifth-generation jet fighter currently under development.

The FC-31 will be capable to perform a wide range of missions, from offensive/defence counter air, deep strike, suppression of enemy air defences, interdiction, close air support, to ISR missions.

According to AVIC officials, the first flight of a production example is planned for 2019, and will be followed by IOC in 2022 and final operating capability in 2025.
Our interview on the FC-31 during Dubai Airshow
During Dubai Airshow 2015, we had the chance to interview some AVIC representative about the FC-31.

The FC-31 is powered by two Russian-made Klimov RD-93 afterburning turbofan engines developed in Russia. The aircraft is reportedly flying at a speed of approximately 2,200km/h and could offer a maximum range of over 2,000km when fitted with external fuel tanks.

The Shenyang J-31 stealth fighter can be fitted with one internal cannon, two internal weapons bays in the fuselage and three payload hard-points on each of the two wings. The payload is 8,000kg, of which 2,000kg can be carried internally.


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