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Russia about to receive three Il-22PP electronic warfare aircraft.

| 2016
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Russia about to receive three Il-22PP electronic warfare aircraft
Russia’s Defense Ministry will receive three Ilyushin Il-22PP electronic countermeasures planes with the advanced Porubshchik electronic warfare and reconnaissance system in the imminent future, Managing Director of the Experimental Machine-Building Plant Alexander Gorbunov said.
Russia about to receive three Il 22PP electronic warfare aircraft 640 001Three Il-22PP electronic warfare aircraft at the Experimental Machine-Building Plant
(Credit: UAC)
The Experimental Machine-Building Plant is the producer of the Il-22PP plane.

"A prototype Il-22PP plane has passed state trials. Recommendations have been made to accept the plane for operation with Russia’s Aerospace Force," Gorbunov said on the single military hardware acceptance day.

"Russia’s Defense Ministry will receive another two Il-22PP planes in November 2016," he added.

According to the managing director, the Il-22PP aircraft can counter airborne warning and control system planes, air defense systems and manned and unmanned aircraft.

"The system features frequency selectivity. It does not jam friendly radio electronic systems," Gorbunov said.

The Il-22PP is an upgraded variant of the Il-20 Coot, which is itself a military version of the Il-18 passenger airplane. It features i.e. an electronic warfare system from R&D Porubshchik. Equipment "Porubschika" operates in the passive search mode, and after the detection of the target sets the direction of interference. Features of the complex allow the radio to drown out a dot of the enemy in a narrow range, without interfering with their radio equipment using the adjacent frequency.

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