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Region about to start serial production of KAB-250 laser-guided bombs.

| 2016
World Aviation Defense & Security Industry News - Region
Region about to start serial production of KAB-250 laser-guided bombs
The serial production of the advanced KAB-250 250-kg guided bomb with a laser gyro-stabilized guidance system will be organized in the imminent future, CEO of the Region Scientific and Production Enterprise ("Region") Igor Krylov told TASS on Monday, March 14, 2016.
Region about serial production of KAB 250 laser guided bombs 640 001Region's KAB-250 laser-guided munition
(Credit: Nikolai Novichkov)
The Region Scientific and Production Enterprise is a subsidiary of Russia’s Tactical Missiles Corporation.

"There are plans that a contract for their delivery will be signed with Russia’s Defense Ministry," Krylov said.

According to the CEO, the export version of the KAB-250LG-E bomb has already been demonstrated at exhibitions and a number of foreign customers have shown interest in it.

"Several orders for these bombs placed by foreign customers are being discussed now," Krylov added. According to the CEO, Russian-made KAB bombs are no inferior to their US rivals.

"The Russian KAB-250LG-E and KAB-1500LG-Pr-E bombs are analogs of the US GBU-12 and GBU-24 guided bombs by their operating principles and, therefore, are similar or superior to them by a number of characteristics," Krylov added.
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