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Philippine Air Force takes delivery of two more FA-50PH fighter jets.

| 2016
World Aviation Defense & Security News - The Philippines
Philippine Air Force takes delivery of two more FA-50PH fighter jets
Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd., South Korea's sole aircraft manufacturer, delivered two more FA-50PH fighter jets to the Philippine Air Force, local media announced on Thursday, Dec. 1. The two planes are part of a $420 million government-to-government deal inked between Seoul and Manila that calls for the export of 12 FA-50PHs.
Philippine Air Force takes delivery of two more FA 50PH fighter jets 640 001The fourth PAF's FA-50PH fighter jet landing in The Philippines on Dec. 1, 2016
(Credit: PAF)
Two FA-50PH fighter jets were delivered to the country by the Korea Aerospace Industry in November 2015. The rest of the aircraft will be delivered in batches until 2017.

The FA-50PH lead-in fighter jet is a variant of the Korea Aerospace Industry’s T-50 Golden Eagle, a family of supersonic advanced trainers and light combat aircraft. The planes can be armed with air-to-air heat seeking missiles, bombs and rockets, and have an automatic cannon.

The supersonic FA-50PH fighter will be designated as the PAF’s interim fighter until the military acquires more funding to purchase more advanced fighter aircraft. The FA-50PHs will be the first supersonic jets used by the Philippines Air Force since they retired their fleet of F-5s.




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