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Netherlands selects Airbus' missile warning system for its NH90s and F-16s.

| 2016
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Netherlands selects Airbus' missile warning system for its NH90s and F-16s
Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS), a business area of Airbus Defence and Space, will equip the Dutch armed forces with the latest version of its proven missile warning system AN/AAR-60 (V) 2 MILDS F (MILDS = Missile Launch Detection System, Fighter) to enhance the protection of fighter aircraft and helicopters.
Netherlands selects Airbus missile warning system for its NH90s and F 16s 640 001The RNAF will equip its fleet of F-16 fighter jets with Airbus DS EBS' MILDS F self-protection system
(Credit: Airbus DS)
The Dutch Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) awarded Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security in two separate bids two contracts in total worth a two-digit million Euro (US$2.23 mn) sum to equip Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 fighters and NH-90 helicopters with the MILDS F self-protection system until end of this year. The orders include a comprehensive logistics package concerning repair and spare part management guaranteeing maximum availability.

The combat-proven MILDS F has been developed for the challenging environment of fighter aircraft and is already in operation aboard Royal Danish Air Force and Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16 fighters. In a unique product enhancement, Airbus DS Electronics has set up a new standard configuration that can easily be integrated into multiple platforms like helicopter, transport- or fighter aircraft. It has been selected by the Dutch authorities over another, infrared-based solution. MILDS F is a passive imaging sensor, detecting the ultra-violet radiation signature of approaching missiles.

Our enhanced MILDS F opens up the superior performance of the fighter missile warner to different flying platforms. We are using an operational software which includes different code books and configurations to support the various platforms operated by a certain customer”, says Thomas Müller, head of Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security. “In doing so, we offer customers substantial commonalities without any loss of performance”.

As MILDS F operates in the solar-blind UV spectrum, it is not subject to the limitations of other warning technologies such as infrared. The extremely high resolution combined with rapid processing enables very reliable threat identification and virtually eliminates false alarms. Five to six sensors provide optimum coverage and rapid reaction. Furthermore, it offers the ability to detect small arms fire which is an imminent threat in low-level flights over hostile territory.

With more than 8,000 sensors sold, the basic MILDS version is the standard missile approach warner outside the U.S. It is in service aboard a huge variety of rotary wing and wide-body aircraft, including Tiger, NH90, CH-53, CH-47 and MI-17 helicopters and C-130 transport aircraft.



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