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Lockheed awarded a $1.2bn contract for South Korea's KF-16 fighters upgrade.

| 2016
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Lockheed awarded a $1.2bn contract for South Korea's KF-16 fighters upgrade
The US defense giant Lockheed Martin has been awarded a US$1,2bn Foreign Military Sales contrat to upgrade KF-16 aircraft for the Republic of Korea. Work is expected to be complete by Nov. 15, 2025, the US Department of Defense announced on Nov. 18, 2016.
Lockheed awarded a 1 2bn contract for South Korea s KF 16 fighters upgrade 640 001A ROKAF KF-16C fighter jet
(Credit: ROK Armed Forces)
In a US$1.2 billion project to upgrade the warfare capabilities of the Air Force's main fleet of 134 KF-16s, South Korea selected British defense firm BAE Systems in 2012 to upgrade the aviation electronics of the aircraft. But the project was put on hold after BAE demanded additional money, prompting Seoul to seek a substitute contractor to replace BAE.

Lockheed Martin was finally selected in December 2015 to upgrade the KF-16 fighter jets to the F-16V standard.

As part of the upgrade project, the Korean Defense Ministry's committee picked U.S.-based Northrop Grumman to manufacture an active electronically scanned radar (AESA) that can be integrated into the KF-16 fleet. Other avionic systems being upgraded include the JHMCS II helmet cueing display system, IFF, self protection, networking, and armament modernization.

The total program worth $2.5 billion also covers new weapons integration including GBU-39 small diameter bonbs, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and laser JDAM.




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