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Kratos wins $20mn USAF contract for KC-46A tanker training systems.

| 2016
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Kratos wins $20mn USAF contract for KC-46A tanker training systems
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, a US-based National Security Solutions provider, announced today that it was selected to develop and deliver KC-46 Pegasus tanker high-fidelity maintenance training systems to The Boeing Company valued in excess of $20 million. The KC-46 is the U.S. Air Force's newest air refueling tanker aircraft.
Kratos wins 20mn USAF contract for KC 46A tanker training systems 640 001A USAF KC-46A Pegasus multirole tanker transport aircraft refuelling a AV-8B Harrier II
(Credit: Boeing Defense)
Kratos will deliver high-fidelity virtual simulation, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) and full-scale simulators, which will be used together and networked to provide a coordinated and realistic training experience. Two suites of training devices will be delivered that will support maintenance and repair training of a range of aircraft sub-systems.

"Kratos is a leading provider of maintenance training systems for air, land and sea defense platforms, specializing in developing comprehensive training solutions sets that maximize training proficiency," said Jose Diaz, Senior Vice President, Kratos Training Solutions. "Kratos has a long and proven track record of providing virtual and high-fidelity simulators to the U.S. military and allied nations."

The KC-46A is the first phase of a 3-phase effort to replace the U.S. Air Force's aging tanker fleet. This aircraft is equipped with a modernized KC-10 refueling boom integrated with proven fly-by-wire control system and delivering a fuel offload rate required for large aircraft. In addition, the hose and drogue system adds additional mission capability that is independently operable from the refueling boom system. A cargo deck above the refueling system can accommodate a mix load of passengers, patients and cargo. The KC-46A can carry up to 18 463L cargo pallets.




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