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Kazaksthan Armed Forces receive additionnal UH-1H-II utility helicopter.

| 2016
World Defense & Security News - Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan's Armed Forces receive additionnal UH-1H-II utility helicopter
Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan recently took delivery of an additionnal Bell UH-1H-II "Huey II" utility helicopter, the country's defense ministry announced on Friday April 8. This delivery is part of the military and technical cooperation program established between Kazakhstan and the United States.
Kazakhstan Armed Forces receive additionnal UH 1H II utility helicopter 640 001Kazakh Armed Forces took delivery of a third Huey II helicopter on April 8
(Credit: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan)
This is the third Huey helicopter delivered to the Asian country. In addition to the helicopters, the US is providing spare parts, accessories and other supplies.

The Kazakh Huey helicopters are widely used in various military exercises, including the "Stepple Eagle" drill, a special tactical peackeeping exercise. "These helicopters are operated year round, day and night, both in clear and difficult weather conditions," said the deputy commander of the Kazakh Air Force, Colonel Erken Dzhumagaliev.

The UH-1H-II "Huey II" is a light multi-purpose military helicopter designed and produced by the US-based company Bell Helicopter. It can caay up to 12 troops and can perform a wide variety of missins, from search-and-rescue to tactical transport. It is equipped with a single T-53-L-703 engine (1800 hp) and can reach a maximum speed of 240 km/h.


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