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Belarus takes delivery of six Mi-8MTV-5 military transport helicopters.

| 2016
World Aviation Defense & Security News - Belarus
Belarus takes delivery of six Mi-8MTV-5 military transport helicopters
The Russian Helicopters Corporation has shipped six Mi-8MTV-5 helicopters to the Belarusian Defense Ministry, with the next batch scheduled for delivery in 2017, the manufacturer’s press office said. "A six-ship batch of Mi-8MTV-5 military transport helicopters built by Kazan Helicopters (a subsidiary of the Russian Helicopters Corporation, itself a subsidiary of Rostec) has been delivered to the Belarusian Defense Ministry," the press office said.
Belarus takes delivery of six Mi 8MTV 5 military transport helicopters 640 001A RuAF Mi-8MTV-5 military transport helicopter
Russian Helicopters added that the six machines were delivered in September, being the first batch under the contract for 12 Mi-8MTV-5s, placed during the Army 2015 forum.

"The next six machines are scheduled for delivery in 2015," Russian Helicopters said.

The MTV-5 variant is a military utility transport helicopter powered by two Klimov TV3-117VM turboshaft engines and equipped with a loading ramp instead of the clam-shell doors, an additional door and a new "dolphin nose".
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