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BAE Systems secures $200mn contract to sustain RAAF Hawk Mk127 fleet.

| 2016
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BAE Systems secures $200mn contract to sustain RAAF Hawk Mk127 fleet
BAE Systems Australia has secured a two-year contract, worth approximately $200 million, to sustain the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Hawk Mk127 Lead-In Fighter fleet. This extension reinforces the Company's position as a long-time capability partner of the RAAF.
BAE Systems secures 200mn contract to sustain RAAF Hawk Mk127 fleet 640 001Two RAAF No.76 Squadron Hawk 127 aircraft loaded with High Explosives fly a bombing mission over High Range, Townsville, during Exercise High Sierra
(Credit: RAAF/CPL Melina Young)
BAE will continue to sustain the Hawk fleet at Williamtown and Pearce until at least 2020, with further potential extensions available until 2026. The role includes all deeper-level and operational maintenance for the 33 aircraft.

BAE Systems Australia Aerospace Director, Steve Drury, said: "Securing this extension underscores the success of our long-standing partnership with the RAAF and the performance of the 300 employees working on this program. It will ensure the Hawk fleet continues to effectively prepare the country's combat aircrew for fast jet aircraft, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter when it arrives.

"Since 2013, BAE Systems' support of the fleet has achieved all contract key performance indicators, including aircraft availability and overall fleet management. Working alongside the RAAF, we have ensured aircraft are available for training when needed, and have continued to deliver significant savings in sustainment."

The unified approach between the RAAF and BAE Systems to deliver Hawk support has also been described by Defence as a benchmark in Australian defence-contractor relationships. Number 78 Wing and the majority of Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group staff are co-located at the Company's Williamtown facility.


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