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USAF deployed F-15C jets to Incirlik to protect Turkey.

| 2015
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USAF deployed F-15C jets to Incirlik to protect Turkey
The United States Air Force has deployed Boeing F-15C fighter aircraft to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. The six air superiority aircraft departed from RAF Lakenheath in the UK. Their mission is to protect the Turkish airspace, according to a statement made by the US European Command.
USAF deployed F-15C jets to Incirlik to protect Turkey 640 001A USAF F-15C departs from RAF Lakenheat to deploy to Turkey (Photo: US Air Forces Europe)
Maj. Sheryll Klinkel, spokeswoman of the US Air Forces in Europe made clear that the F-15Cs would not be used inside the Syrian airspace or in order to protect allied fighter jets operating in Syria. They would only provide cover inside the Turkish airspace in that border region. The clarification statement came after various Media reports that the F-15Cs were deployed to protect the allied aircraft from the Russian ones, leaving room for misperception and possible escalation.

It is reminded that the US Army withdrew its Raytheon Patriot air defence system batteries from Turkey, citing the need to maintain them, causing Ankara’s dissatisfaction. Although the Turkish government had asked for the extension of the Patriot deployment, there was no positive reply at that time. Now the USAF is covering the gap with the F-15Cs.

However, the F-15C is an air superiority aircraft. There is no obvious threat from any other neighbouring Air Forces. Therefore, there are many analysts who still support that the arrival of the fighter jets in Turkey is a response to the Russian deployment of the Sukhoi Su-30SM aircraft in Syria.

In the meantime, the Russian and US Air Forces are conducting flight missions based on their agreement of 20 October, to coordinate their operations in order to avoid any accidents. Last Tuesday, fighter aircraft from US and Russia flew in close distance to test communications.



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