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Trials campaign of the first two upgraded Su-25SM3 fighter aircraft to start before 2015-end.

| 2015
World Defense & Security News - Russia
Trials campaign of the first two upgraded Su-25SM3 fighter aircraft to start before 2015-end
The trials of the first two upgraded Su-25SM3 combat single seat attack aircraft will start before the end of 2015, a source within the defense industry has told the Russian news agency TASS. "The first two Su-25SM3 aircraft must be commissioned in December. Both aircraft will be shipped for trials. One of them will be delivered to the combat operation and pilot retraining center in Lipetsk for performance evaluation," the source said.
Trials campaign of the first two upgraded Su 25SM3 fighter aircraft to start before 2015 end 640 001Russia is about to start trials of the two first upgraded Su-25SM3 fighter aicraft
According to information published at the defense procurement site the Su-25SM3 and 25-UBM2 two-seat operational trainer version will essentially differ from their predecessors in the avionics composition and the variety of airborne weapons.

The upgraded attack aircraft are fitted with PrNK-25SM-1 sighting and navigation system comprised of the following: BTsU-25S onboard digital computing system, MFTsI-0332M multifunctional color indicator and SOLT-25 optical laser remote thermal imaging system. In addition, the Su-25SM3 and Su-25UBM2 aircraft got KSS-25 communication system with Banker-8-TM-1 antenna and L370K25 Vitebsk-25 electronic countermeasures system protecting both the individual aircraft and a group of them by providing countermeasures against different radars and homing heads of the enemy air-to-air guided missiles. The Vitebsk-25 system comprises the L370-01 control unit, L370-02K25 module, L370-3S-K25 jammer, direct electronic reconnaissance station with control functions and target designation to L-150-16M homing heads, Zakhvat optronic system, and UV-26M automatic clutter dispenser.

Also, the aircraft are fitted with T-SOK-UBD-130-03 onboard TV system for objective monitoring of training and combat actions with TKO-29 and MPI-29-01 units, and SUO-39M armament control system product 39PM with BRPI-39P unit.

Also, in the course of modernizing the Su-25 attack aircraft the variety of airborne weapons has been expanded. For instance, the Su-25SM3 and Su-25UBM2 will be able to use Kh-58USh, NATO reporting name AS-11 Kilter, Kh-25ML AS-10 Karen and Kh-29L AS-14 Kedge laser homing head guided missiles, TV homing head guided missiles like Kh-29T/TD/TE, and KAB-500S satellite-aided/ and KAB-500Kr TV correlated homing head/ guided aerial bombs.

In addition, the airborne weapons include a wide range of unguided types like caliber 500 aerial bombs FAB-500, OFAB-500U, OFZAB-500), 250 and 100 kg, and missile armament units B-13L with S-13, B-8M-1 S-8M shells, and S-24 and S-25 shells.

Also, the aircraft will be able to attack air targets by two R-73 guided air-to-air short range missiles. In addition they will be armed with the airborne 9A623 caliber 30 mm cannon comprised by the VPU-17A fixed gun mount. The standard ammunition supply is 250 rounds.

In the coming years the Russian Aerospace Force is expected to receive several dozen such upgraded attack aircraft.
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