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Russian Mi-26T2 heavylift helicopter to be modified for Artic Region.

| 2015
World Aviation Defense & Security News - Russia
Russian Mi-26T2 heavylift helicopter to be modified for Artic Region
Russian advanced heavylift helicopter Mil Mi-26T2 will be modified to be able to operate in the Arctic, Roman Chernyshov, deputy director general, Russian Helicopters, said. "We have completed the work on the helicopter. Its delivery to our customers is under way. The Russian Defense Ministry and we are pondering the helicopter’s adaptation to the Arctic’s conditions," Chernyshov said.
Russian Mi 26T2 heavylift helicopter to be modified for Artic Region 640 001Russia's Mi-26T2 heavylift helicopter will be adapted to Arctic environment
The Mi-26T2 is an upgraded variant of the Mi-26T transport heavylifter. It is fitted out with the BREO-26 avionics suite and ‘glass’ cockpit with multifunction displays. The aircraft carries a digital autopilot and a sophisticated navigation suite compatible with the NAVSTAR/GLONASS positioning systems. The introduction of the BREO-26 has allowed the reduction of the crew from five to two. The full-scale production of the Mi-26T2 began in May 2015.

As was reported in the press, Russian Helicopters has landed several orders for the Mi-26T2. In particular, it was reported in February 2015 that Rostvertol, a Russian Helicopters subsidiary, had started the production of six aircraft of the type for the Algerian Air Force.
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