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McMurdo launches its new SARBE CommLink digital wireless intercom system.

| 2015
Dubai Airshow 2015
8 - 12 November 2015
Dubai - Al Maktoum International Airport
McMurdo launches its new SARBE CommLink digital wireless intercom system
McMurdo is extending its Search and Rescue Ecosystem with the launch of the SARBE CommLink at the Dubai Airshow 2015. SARBE CommLink is a next-generation digital wireless intercom system that can help emergency response/rescue teams accelerate time-to-rescue with innovative features including superior audio quality, long-distance communications range and unique programming capability.
Mc Murdo launches its new SARBECommLink digital wireless intercom system 640 001McMurdo's new SARBE CommLink next-generation digital wireless intercom system
With SARBE CommLink, the McMurdo SAR ecosystem – which has traditionally included distress beacons, satellite connectivity and mission control and rescue coordination systems – is now extended to include a military grade communications solution that is part of rescue operations. Rescue helicopters/aircraft, their crew and support teams can now use the newest McMurdo solution in mission-critical applications, including medevac, offshore transit, disaster recovery and SAR.

SARBE CommLink has been specifically designed for use in hazardous missions. Rescue team members can maintain direct contact with remote support personnel, including hospital, law enforcement and other emergency staff, via SARBE CommLink’s long-range communications, multi-group functionality and helmetbased design. This helps to streamline the entire rescue process, resulting in faster casualty analysis, expedited medical response and more lives saved.

McMurdo's new SARBE CommLink is a dual band communication system capable of supporting both UHF and VHF frequencies. It allows direct radio communication between rescuers and other response groups. It features integrated AIS-SART distress beacon and GPS position reporting of remote crew. The system has a range capabilities of up to 10 km on UHF/VHF. Survivability of SABRE CommLink is ensured by a milled aluminium housing. It is waterproof to IP68, shock and dust resistant, and easy to operate. McMurdo's new product has a 15-hour mission battery operation. It has been developed in co-operation with UK Royal Air Force and CHC Helicopter of Canada.

The launch of SARBE CommLink is a major milestone towards realising McMurdo’s journey to become the global leader in emergency readiness and response systems that prevent emergencies, protect assets and save lives,” said Remi Julien, McMurdo President.

Throughout our history we have provided search and rescue agencies worldwide with the products and systems to identify, locate and monitor emergency situations. Now, we can provide rescue operators with an innovative communications tool that will be a core element of the actual rescue, one that is backed by over 70 years of SABRE brand military industry excellence,” Julien added.


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