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MAKS 2015: Meet the XETAK principle, a New Concept for New Solutions.

| 2015
World Defense & Security Industry News - Ingenieurbüro Ch. Koppe
MAKS 2015: Meet the XETAK principle, a New Concept for New Solutions
Once again, the MAKS airshow proves that it is not only dedicated to giants of the defense aerospace industry. Defense exhibitions like MAKS are also the best way for small but innovative companies to introduce new solution for the defense sector. Among them, the German-based start-up chose MAKS 2015 to highlight XETAK, a new concept of B2B dedicated to defence and security industries.
The XETAK Principle is using a well defined question, published as a Search Lead, to receive proposal answers from industry experts. By selecting from this feedback the most potential solution, it will automatically lead to be engaged with the best supporting expert.

EEE engineers for example (SEARCH user), will accelerate their own thoughts for the best feasible solutions, time needed to find valid answers and can confirm decisions needed to be made. Industry supplier persons (SUPPORT user), will accelerate their market understanding, sales projects build up and product detail awareness's, leading to an overall improved new product stream validation.

XETAK B2B is dedicated to components like connectors, wire & cable, relays and harnessing products. New questions can be published anonymously from country selective to globally, if wanted. Extensive filter menus mirror the Aerospace, Defense & Marine market requirements and are helping to describe the questions objectives.

Documents can be exchanged under a secondary approval procedure. Companywide user groups can be set up to share Search Lead information. SEARCH user have full control of the Search Lead during the whole process and can also set parameters in regards to military or dual use information distribution protection. Search Leads can be removed completely from publication. XETAK B2B is dedicated to industry user only.

Alternatively, a second entry page - XETAK Public, offers a Global XETAK Network with 102 country access points around the globe, if EEE engineers want to make use of this new application without becoming a registered SEARCH user. XETAK B2B is free of charge for all SEARCH user and temporally for SUPPORT user depending their data access requests.

XETAK was developed & launched by April 2015 from Dipl.-Ing. Christian Koppe who worked since 1987 in the Aerospace, Defense & Marine market and for major global passive electronic component suppliers the past 20 years.

Want to see how XETAK is working? More information here


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