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IAI and Hankuk Carbon disclose a new tactical VTOL UAS, the Front Engine Panther.

| 2015
World Defense & Security Industry News - IAI & Hankuk Carbon
IAI and Hankuk Carbon disclose a new tactical VTOL UAS, the Front Engine Panther
Hankuk Carbon of South Korea and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) are showcasing the Front Engine Panther (FE Panther) in Hankuk Carbon's booth at the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition ADEX 2015 that opens this week, the Israel-based company said yesterday Oct. 19, 2015.
IAI and Hankuk Carbon disclose a new tactical VTOL UAS the Front Engine Panther 640 001IAI and Hankuk Carbon unveil the Front Engine Panther VTOL UAS
The 67-kg class tactical VTOL Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is the latest development of IAI's Panther family. The FE-Panther is made of composite materials and sub-systems supplied by Hankuk Carbon and powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid propulsion system, unlike the pure-electric Panther that was presented in 2010.

The hybrid propulsion system increases the UAS's endurance and payload by providing two different power sources, optimized to vertical takeoff/landing and cruise conditions. To meet different needs of potential customers, both companies are also working on another gasoline-electric hybrid propulsion system under a project funded by the Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation. In addition, HC and IAI consider marketing the FE-Panther to South Korean governmental entities.

Presenting the FE-Panther at HC booth follows an earlier Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of a feasibility study under which the two companies have been studying the concept of a VTOL UAS for South Korean requirements.

Ofer Haruvi, CTO of IAI's Military Aircraft Group said: "IAI is excited to work with Hanckuk Carbon to promote its technologies. The cooperation with the Company is a real opportunity to develop new capabilities and to pursue new business opportunities. This collaboration will be beneficial to the Republic of South Korea's military and civilian authorities."

Moon-Soo Cho, CEO of Hankuk Carbon said:"I am excited to develop this VTOL UAV jointly with IAI. It will be tailor-made to meet local requirements which demand runway independence in Korea's mountainous region. It will combine Hankuk Carbon's advanced composite materials and IAI's technologies. To develop and manufacture this VTOL UAV for Korean civil and military uses, both companies have been working on another joint development of a hybrid propulsion system. This strategic partnership will have a big contribution to the Korean government's policy of creative economy."


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