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Hungarian Defense Ministry plans to purchase 30 new military helicopters in 2015.

| 2015
World Defense & Security News - Hungary
Hungarian Defense Ministry plans to purchase 30 new military helicopters in 2015
Major Hungary's defence tasks this year include introducing a career model in the armed forces and continuing the modernisation of military hardware with a special focus on purchasing a new helicopter fleet, the Hungarian defence minister Csaba Hende said. Hende gave an outline of tasks for 2015 and assessed achievements in 2014 at an annual meeting with senior military officers in Budapest, reports today Hungary Today.
Hungarian Air Force's Mil Mi-24 Hind transport and attack helicopter
In connection with the planned procurement of a fleet of new helicopters, Hende noted that needs had been assessed and related calculations prepared with the involvement of affected state partners. The cost of purchasing the 30 aircraft has been estimated at $626 million, Hende said, adding that a decision on the actual purchase and committing the required amount now lay with the Hungarian government.

Regarding the military career model, he said that wages are set to be increased by an average 30% from July this year, and by 5% each year over the next four years. This translates to an average increase of 50% by the end of the period, he said.

The Hungarian armed forces are currently using Russian-made aircraft, with some Mi-17s, Mi-8s and 12 Mi-24 "Hind"
transport and attack helicopters.
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