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Direct hit for the Orbital ATK’s AGM-88E AARGM missile.

| 2015
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Direct hit for the Orbital ATK’s AGM-88E AARGM missile
Orbital ATK conducted a live fire test of the AGM-88E Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM) Block 1 Software Upgrade. The test took place on 22 September at China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center and included the use of a Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet platform for the launch of the missile.
Direct hit for the Orbital ATK’s AARGM 640 001An US Navy F/A-18F firing an AGM-88E Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Block 1 Software Upgrade
The missile was used in a complex scenario, which tested its capabilities against an advanced air defence radar system. Before the launch from the Super Hornet, the missile detected, identified and located the target with the use of its anti-radiation homing receiver. The target data were relayed to the pilot who fired the missile in “Target of Opportunity” mode. The millimeter radar of the AGM-88E located the target and performed terminal guidance, which resulted in a direct hit.

This has been the second live fire test of the AARGM Block 1 Software Upgrade, which is also capable of engaging moving ships as per the previous test, which proved the weapon’s versatility, according to Gordon Turner, Orbital ATK’s VP of Programs, Business Development and Strategy for Defense Electronic Systems.

After these tests, the missile is one step closer before the updated version is delivered to the Air Force, according to Cary Ralston, VP and General Manager of Orbital ATK’s Defense Electronic Systems division.

AARGM is the product from the cooperation between the US Navy and the Italian Air Force, with the first as the executive service. AARGM reached the Initial Operational Capability milestone in July 2012 and two months later it received the US Navy’s approval for Full Rate Production.

The AGM-88E HARM is a supersonic, tactical missile, launched from aircraft. The AARGM kit can be used to upgrade legacy HARMs. As a modern system, AARGM relays to the pilots, in-cockpit, real-time information on the order of battle and situational awareness against ground-based air defence threats. The missile is capable of engaging land or naval-based radar threats and non-radar, time-sensitive targets.

AARGM is already in use by the US Navy and US Marine Corps, with the F/A-18C/D Hornet, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and E/A-18G Growler aircraft, and is being integrated at the Italian Air Force’s Tornado ECR aircraft.



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