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Canada to start a new fighter competition programme.

| 2015
World Defense & Security News - Canada
Canada to start a new fighter competition programme
The new Canadian government intends to start from scratch the programme for the new fighter aircraft to replace the Boeing CF-18, according to Reuters. The newly elected Liberals have decided to scrap the Lockheed Martin F-35 acquisition plans and seek a more affordable solution. A new request for proposals will be issued along with a new list of specifications that will have nothing to do with the previously submitted bids.
Canada to start a new fighter competition programme 640 001Canada's new government plans to start a new tender to replace the RCAF CF-18 fighter aircraft
(Credit: RCAF)
Reuters’ source, which is from the Liberals, said that the new specifications will be issued due to lack of trust towards the process followed by the Conservatives. The latest decision is expected to push the replacement of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s CF-18 by at least four years. Starting a new competition is a lengthy process and the final decision could be expected towards the end of Justin Trudeau’s, the new Canadian Prime Minister’s term, which ends in 2019.

Upon his election, the new prime minister stated that Canada does not need a stealth aircraft which is also too expensive. Instead, the funds will be invested in new programmes for the Royal Canadian Navy. It is expected that the new contenders in the new fighter jet tender will be the Eurofighter, the Dassault Rafale, the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and it remains to be seen whether Saab with the Gripen NG will take part in the process or if it will once again decide to stay out of it.



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