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Indian DRDO to test fire a new BVR Missile soon.

| 2014
World Air Force News - Asia
Indian DRDO to test fire a new BVR Missile soon.

Indian defence scientists are preparing to test long delayed indigenous beyond visual range air-to-air missile Astra in the coming weeks.

According to Ria Novosti, Bangladesh ordered 24 Russian Yak-130 light fighter jets worth $800 million in the final quarter of last year, a Russian newspaper reported Tuesday.
Astra (Photo credit : India Today)

Astra, meant for the IAF's combat jets, will be test fired within a month, officials said. The missile has already been fitted on Sukhoi-30 MKIs at selected IAF bases and trial runs were going on. The Astra will soon be fired from DRDO's test facility Chandipur-on-sea.

The BVR missile can engage targets in the range between 20 and 80 km. The officials said preparations are underway in full swing. The missile has active radar seeker and internal guidance system to lock on the targets.

The IAF currently uses imported R-77s, super 530D and soon MICA BVR missiles. The production of indigenous missile, Astra, will be a crucial milestone for India's defence technology capability. The missile, which had failed during earlier trials, can be fitted on an entire range of combat jets under operation in the IAF and also soon to be inducted Tejas Light Combat Aircraft.

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