MSPO 2018 joins the 100th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations

The International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2018 in Targi Kielce - the 2018 expo breaks a number of records Compared to the previous year, the number of exhibitors increased to 624, the number of represented countries also sky-rocketed too, from 27 to 31.This is a further confirmation that MSPO 2018 truly deserves its third position in the European defence industry ranking of expo leaders, next to Paris and London trade shows. The 26th MSPO’s leitmotif is the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence. Thus Poland is the lead-nation of 2018 exhibition, for the second time in the trade-show history. This year's MSPO is held from 4 to 7 September. On 8 and 9 September the Open Days follow the Expo. MSPO is complemented and held parallel to the 24th LOGISTICS EXPO.

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File picture: The opening ceremony at MSP0 2017, the  International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland

This year, the record-breaking number of companies, i.e. 624 (including 328 Polish firms) from 31 countries use the MSPO and MTL as the showcase for their products and services. The expos have brought together representatives of Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United States, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy. The exhibitors use 27,000 square meters in the 7 exhibition halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre and in its outdoor expo grounds. The 6 helicopters on display will be a real highlight of the expo.

MSPO has hosted many presidents of the Republic of Poland. President Andrzej Duda has visited the expo twice. Polish President has also granted his Honorary Patronage for this year’s trade-show. The Polish Armaments Group has is the 26th MSPO's Strategic Partner.

introducing MSPO 2018 International Defence Industry Exhibition 001

The New Award - "The Best Polish Arms Exporter"
The collection of accolades presented at the MSPO is expanded in 2018 to include the "Best Polish Arms Exporter" award. The new distinction is Jadwiga Emilewicz, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology’s initiative - says the President Mochoń. It is also worth remembering that the Republic of Poland's President's prestigious Award for the best product enhancing RP Armed Forces soldiers’ safety has been presented at the DEFENDER Gala Ceremony for years. Many companies and products are decorated with the Special Mentions of the Minister of National Defence and other ministries. The formal awards presentation also includes presentation of the honours of the Police Commander in Chief, the State Fire Services Commander, the Commander in Chief of the Border Guards’ “Border Guards Laurel”, the Head of the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support, the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces, the Territorial Defence Forces' Commander.

Army at your fingertips - the Expo Open Days
This year's MSPO Open Days welcome the general public on September 8-9.The Armed Forces Exhibition is held under the banner of "Defence - Cooperation - Sovereignty" and staged in the Expo Halls as well as in the outdoor expo grounds. There are over 30 units of the General Command presented in Kielce - Land Forces, Air Forces, Navy, Special Forces, Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces, and Territorial Defence Forces and Military Gendarmerie.380 units of equipment and exhibits will be on display for the visitors to become familiar with.

The Armed Forces exhibition is much more than what is on show in the A and B Expo Halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre . A vast majority of the display is staged in the outdoor exhibition grounds - this is the state-of-the-art equipment used by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland - the Leopard 2 tanks, Rosomak armoured vehicles, RAK self-propelled mortars, KRAB self-propelled howitzer to mention just a few. There will be military ambulances, forensic ambulance, submarines and amphibian vehicles, torpedoes, radiolocation stations, rocket launchers, simulators and training systems, shooting ranges, Śnieżnik training and drill systems.
The military universities, educational centres, technical institutes and the Polish Space Agency will also make their presentations. This is also the chance to become familiar with the engineering equipment, small arms, unmanned reconnaissance means, technical workshops, robots, aircraft and ship models, personal food rations and group food supplies as well as didactic equipment.
As usual, museums will present an interesting and compelling offer: the Polish Army, the Air Force, the Land Forces museums will be there. The B Expo Hall of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre is the home for the soldier veteran associations, voluntary defence organizations and the Department of Military Health Service with their featured expo stands. More than 1,000 soldiers and army employees will work as a support and the implementation team for the Expo and the general public shows.

The Open Days will be complemented with the dynamic show-presentations, including: police dog training shows, shooting demonstrations, aikido and fitness demonstrations staged by operation crews.

MSPO problem–focussed discussions - conferences, seminars
Conferences and other problem-focussed events have been an indispensable part of MSPO ever since its first edition. Such seminars complement and enhance the expo agenda. Voluntary defence organizations are in the spotlight as there is a special conference in 100 anniversary of regaining independence. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology organise the conference whose objective is disseminate knowledge on funds acquisition from the European Defence Fund. The Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support conference “Doing business with the army – a safe way to earn money” is held already for the sixth time. There will also be a scientific conference held under the banner of "The Polish defence industry' and its research and development facilities' contribution in the Polish Armed Forces technical modernization programs implementation”. bundance of meetings and press conferences have also been planned by exhibitors.

The Targi Kielce International Defence Industry Exhibition is where the global defence industry leaders meet. Polish companies find it a unique showcase for their potentials and technical developments. The expo format is the opportunity to establish a wide network of business contacts.

You are most welcome to visit Targi Kielce form 4th to 9th September.