Cenrex exhibits the TILO-3 thermal imaging optic at MSPO 2018

At the 2018 MSPO Cenrex (PGZ group) presents further elements of special units equipment offered as part of the PERUN - Polish Elite WarrioRs UNlimited [Capabilities] project. Presented for the first time, at MSPO 2018 and the Polish première of the infrared thermal modules from the German ANDRES Industrie.

perun tilo 3 polish thermal imaging mspo2018

According to the information, the multifunctional, low-profile thermal monocular TILO-3 (Thermal Imaging Light Optic) is the smallest and lightest device in its class in the world. In its latest and at the same time the best version, available only to government customers, the light and compact design integrates advanced non-cooled matrix with a resolution of 320x256 pixels (pixel pitch 12µm), which operates in the 7.5-11.5µm band, the refresh rate of 60Hz (TILO 3Z + ™ version), NETD - of 40mK. This therefore is the imaging quality normally provided by high-end larger size thermal imaging cameras. Field of view: 24 ° horizontally and 19° vertical, a colour display: 873 × 500 pixels.

TILO-3 - length - approx. 40mm (thus it can be referred to as low-profile monocular), 64mm wide and 67mm high, weighs only 100 grams. The housing meets the MIL-STD-810F and IP68 requirements. Power supply from CR123 / A series batteries / rechargeable batteries / a '1650' series battery adapter. The monocular is available with on-helmet . head-on holders and adapters for ELCAN SpecterDR ™ version x1-x4 sights.