MSPO 2017: Nammo promotes its M72-LAW for Polish Army

The Norwegian company specialized in ammunition Nammo, showcases its 66mm M72 Lightweight Anti-tank Weapon (LAW). The M72 LAW system is a disposal, easy to operate, and extremely lightweight, shoulder fired Anti-tank weapon. It is effective against armoured vehicles, concrete walls and light armored personnel carriers.

MSPO 2017 Nammo promotes its M72 LAW for Polish Army 925 001 The M72 LAW on the Nammo's Stand at MSPO 2017 (Credit: Army Recognition)

The Polish Army is currently looking for a new system to replace its old RPG-7 (rocket-propelled grenade) with a more modern weapon. According to the Polish Army's requirements, the new system has to be lightweight and have anti-tank capacity. And The M72 could be the ideal successor of the Polish Army RPG-7.

Per Einar Berger, Nammo’s Director Polish Programs for shoulder fired systems, told Army Recognition that several demonstrations of the M72 LAW have been organized with the Polish Army and they seemed enthusiastic about the performance and the efficiency of the Nammo's system.

The cost effectiveness of the M72 and the fact that a soldier can carry several systems on a mission as opposed to some competitor's solutions are additional assets in favor of the Norwegian weapon.

MSPO 2017 Nammo promotes its M72 LAW for Polish Army 925 002Nammo also showcased a M72 LAW Simulator on its stand, the simulator has been designed for the training of the troops. (Credit : Army Recognition)