innovative sub-micro UAV at MSPO 2017: The Bee system

At MSPO 2017, Optimum company presents an innovative solutions to the Polish Armed Forces to minimize the threats for soldiers and equipment on the battlefiel.

bee mini uav mspo 2017 925 001The Bee sub-micro UAV

The Bee system is a military sub-micro UAS that combines reconnaissance and strike features. The system comprises of reconnaissance UAS, strike UAS and sustainment, take-off and transport units (STTU). Due to easily changeable payloads, the system is fully customizable, and can be accorded to end user's requirments. STTU ensure instantaneous, automated UAS take-off. They can be mounted on armored or be self-contained, set to take out of the vehicle in the field.

The main advantage of the Bee system is its comprehensiveness - it offers both reconnaissance and strike capabilities. Therefore, unit commander has precise knowledge about hostile forces deployment and it also allows guidance for precise strike - even in difficult terain such as forest, buildings or urban areas. The bee system has a operationnal range of up to 2km, can be ready to flight in 7s and stay up in the air for about 30min. It can fly at a speed of 28m/s and can carry a total payload of up to 700g