Altimis Tech expose the MARS-L range finder vehicle MSPO 2017

The company Altimus tech showcase its RLS MARS-L Range finder vehicle at the MSPO 2017 exhibiton taking place in Kielce, Poland.

mars l rangefinde altimus tech mspo 2017 925 001 Company Altimus tech showcase RLS MARS-L Range finder vehicle at MSPO 2017

RLS MARS-L is a range finder working in decimeter band with the primary radar coverage of up to 150km in its basic version. The station has also a secondary radar working in double standard, which are most prevalent in air traffic control. Secondary radar can be expanded at any time with the components needed to secure NATO air operations. the MARS-L can operate in automatic mode with any older generation altimeter. Modern Venus alltimeter is the best solution because its made on the same high technological level as the MARS-L. The radar is less harmfull for the environment and propose a low operating costs.

The greatest assests of the of the RLS MaRS are its parameters, they outperform everything that is curently in use: transmiting pulse power of up to 2kW, probing signal duration duration from 1,5µs to 63µs and a power consumption of up to 8kW. Thanks to its advanced innovative technology, the MARS-L is very resisant to interference of any kind. all transceivers are placed in one cabin on the MAN chassis. The station's cabin consist of three compartments: the operating compartment with two workstation ( AWS-O and AWS-R), the hardware compartment with the transmitter, receiver and other equipment, and the power compartment with the two diesel generator.