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Pilar V

Metravib PILAR V

Acoustic Gunshot Detection System France

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PILAR V Gunshot Detection System instantly detects and efficiently locates shots from small and medium calibre weapons and RPG.

PILAR V Acoustic Gunshot Detection System variants:

Technical Data

Product description
PILAR V is a fully passive device providing real-time threat detection, identification and localization. This efficient protection drastically increases the survivability of vehicle and its crew. Information is provided to the BMS, RWS fire control unit or to a specific PILAR display unit.

Threat discrimination and precise target designation provided by PILAR V enhances full situational awareness, immediate reaction and efficient return fire (slew-to-cue capacity of RWS).

Perfectly adapted for MRAV protection, PILAR V can be used on stationary and moving vehicles in all terrains. Compact and ruggedized, PILAR V can be provided as an integrated solution or as a standalone mission kit quickly deployable. Networked with the BMS, the PILAR V is an essential sensor of the “collaborative combat” and info valorization to exchange tactical information between vehicles and optimize operational efficiency.
System components
One Ruggedized antenna with 4 microphones, cables. The external display is available on request.
Combat use
PILAR V is a polyvalent system covering all mission profiles of modern multi-role armored vehicles :
• vehicle and troops protection in combat or reconnaissance missions,
• Self-protection of troops during dismounted missions (base camp, checkpoint protection, camp mine clearance, etc.),
• Convoy protection against asymmetrical threats in a hostile area.


Specifications available on request. ITAR-free product.
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200 chemin des Ormeaux
69760 LIMONEST – France

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+33 472 52 48 00

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