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VHS HS Produkt Assault Rifle
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HS Produkt showed at the DSEi 2009 of London the final version of production of its bullpup assault rifle, the VHS. Intended to equip the Croatian army with a weapon in conformity with the NATO standards (ammunition of 5,56x45mm principally), the last version of the VHS is characterized in particular by the use of slot-in plastic magazines and a very contained weight. First presentation of the VHS has place in 2005 and its first public presentation at the time of the Eurosatory 2008. After tests of resistances (whose in particular first deployment of 50 specimens in Afghanistan), a first order of 10,000 rifles VHS was placed on May 15th, 2009 by the Croatian army to still replace the local derivatives of rifle AK-47 in services, and other batches of the VHS should be ordered soon to entirely re-equip the Croatian forces. Until now the VHS whole satisfaction gave to its users and represents a notable evolution compared to the preceding weapons used in Croatia.
Variants :
VHS-K : Compact vesion
5,56 x 45 mm OTAN
Technical Data
Lenght : 760 mm (D) ou 660 mm (version K)
Weight : 3 kg (version D) ou 2,8 kg (version K)
Rate of fire: 750 rds/min
Magazine : 30 cartouches
Left side with VHS-D with the caliber
Security selector to the left side of the weapons, three positions, S (Security), 1 Single shot, A (Automatic)
Technical Data
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Technically the VHS is a gas operated weapon that uses direct impingement gas system. Barrel locking is achieved by more or less traditional rotating bolt, the maximum rate of shooting being of 750 blows per minute for a speed of the projectiles of 950m/s. the weapon has a rail under the hand-shield allowing fixing of accessories like a handle of shooting, bipod or underbarrel grenade-launcher. The last version of the VHS is characterized especially by the use of fit-on plastic chargers containing 30 cartridges and a weight very contained of 3kg, thanks to the use of synthetic materials. Two versions of the VHS are available: the standard version (VHS-D) with a gun of 500mm and a version compacts (VHS-K) with a gun of 400mm.
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