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SIM-RACAR-Lambda Tactical bulletproof surveillance robot


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General information
The SIM-RACAR-Lambda is a tactical bullet-proof surveillance robot is designed and manufactured by the German Company SIM Security & Electronic System GmbH. This robot is a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) especially adapted for reconnaissance and combat application. The SIM-RACAR-Lambda is a small tracked armoured vehicle, with bullet-proof capacity against 7.62 mm calibre, a robot on which you can mounted surveillance cameras or light armament. The robot is controlled by one people with the handheld Operators Control Unit (OCU). This tactical tracked combat robot is designed to help first responders make informed decisions from a safe distance
Variants :
Different payload variants are available.
Technical data
The SIM Racar system with its UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) of model Lambda has enough space to carry electronic reconnaissance equipment and can be used as platform for small weapons or tactical equipment. SIM RACAR-Lambda can be equipped with up to 2 internal cameras as well as multiple external cameras providing full-motion video, which is transmitted by a digital COFDM - system (SIM-MILAN-Lite) from the robot to the handheld Operator Control Unit (OCU). The OCU's simple joystick operation gives the operator complete control over the vehicle movement. In addition, bi-directional data communication allows the operator to remotely view sensor information from the payload. The robot vehicle is equipped with caterpillar track undercarriage. The hull of the robot provides a protection against ballistic and blast threats.
Tactical bullet-proof surveillance robot
Country producer
Designer Company
SIM Security & Electronic System GmbH
High resolution colour video camera, directional microphone.
1 people
45 kg maximum
75 kg with payload
Operating range
1000 m
Operation time
10 hours
Lenght, 900 mm; Width, 480 mm; Height, 500 mm
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