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Milca Modular Robotic anti-tank System




General information
The "Milica" is a modern remote controlled short range anti-tank system on unmanned tracks vehicle based on the newest IP and wireless technology. This wireless combat robot is designed by the Military Technical Institute of the Republic of Serbia. The main purpose of his system is protection of expected attack routes of main battle tank and other types of armoured fighting vehicle and system also can be engaged for tactical destructions of different types of field fortificated objects. The system is also very effective as a support for special infantry units during action of intelligence, observation and monitoring on unsecured areas on different types of fields and also in urban condition. The system consists of middle size remote controlled unmanned tracks vehicle, which is made of welded steal plates with a front wheel drive and metal heels. The "Milica", is armed with two short range 90 mm anti-tank launcher. For the observation, the "Milica" used a day/night color IP camera with high sensitivity optical and electronic zoom.

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