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Sky-Watch Huginn

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Sky-Watch Huginn X1 X2 UAV Unmanned Aerial System
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General information

The Sky-Watch Huginn X1 is light helicopter UAV solution designed and manufactured in Denmark. The Huginn X1 is designed as a total solution capable of handeling both exterior and interior recon flights. Thanks to its interconnection of sensors. HUGINN X1 is also the first of its kind that uses a multi-platform system that makes it possible to change Airframe and upgrade the system without adjusting the autopilot. Its total autonomy ensures that the system can be used by everyone ranging from the experienced pilot to the person who has never used the system before. The Sky-Watch's Huginn X1 can be used for visual reconnaissance in disaster areas, fence patrol, indoor inspection.


Variants :
- Huginn X2: for military applications, Sky Watch X2 is a UAV, developed specifically to reduce military and civilian casualties. This is made possible by giving soldiers a system that facilitates everything from IED detention, fence patrol, reconosence as well as thermal scanning.

Technical data
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The Sky-Watch Huginn X1 is based on an advanced plug-n-play system that utilises GPS, waypoint navigation, IR laser and sonar and is capable of providing detailed images and high definition video. Huginn X1 is the first of its kind to use a multi-platform system that enables the user to change airframe and upgrade the system without adjusting the autopilot.

The Sky-Watch can fly thanks to a quad rotor design provides extremely favorable flight characteristics. The Sky-Watch Huginn X1 is equipped with four electric brushless motors.

IR sensors and sonar makes HUGINN X1 capable of recognize its surrounding environment thus preventing collision. GPS, waypoint navigation, height hold, FSD, auto land and takeoff makes HUGINN the total solution for both external and internal inspection, monitoring and reconnaissance tasks. The Sky-Watch Huginn X1 is equipped with 12 megapixel Digital still camera with gyro stabilized tilt and roll.
Mine clearance:
The Huginn X1 was developed also to be used to create highly detailed map of minefield area. Sky-Watch has been working in close collaboration with Dan Church Aid to develop a UAV that can blown over a mine field and map it precisely and detailed.
Visual Inspection:
A Sky-Watch Huginn X1 UAV can be used for visual inspection of practically inaccessible constructions. Both for maintenance purposes as well as during the construction phase when errors are far cheaper to correct than afterwards. It can also be used for inspecting windmills, sea windmills, silos etc. For this purpose the UAV uses FSD (Fixed Surface Distance) which makes the UAV keep it's distance and bearing to the surface fixed.
Many lakes in Denmark suffer from pollution from the surrounding areas. This means frequent attacks of algae that pose a potential risk to the species in and around the lakes. Thus, many lakes are surveyed frequently and water samples are collected from previously designated positions in order to determine the lakes’ condition. Sky-Watch is developing Huginn X1 UAV that quickly and efficiently collects samples from the water without putting a boat in the water and disturbing the lake.

Light Reconnaissance and surveillance unmanned aircraft vehicle
Country users
Designer Country
1 GPS receiver, 3 Solid State MEMS (MIcro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Gyros, 3 Magnetometers (Magnetoresistive Sensors), 1 External and Internal Temperature Sensor, 1 Acoustic Sonar.
3,048 m maximum
0.9 kg 
50 km/h
Flight Time
35 min without payload
Lenght, 0,58 m; Diameter, 0,68 m;
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